Because a conventional GPS is not enough

Years of research have resulted in a device capable of finding your machine anywhere, without prior installation and it is undetectable to frequency trackers.

Long battery life

The battery charge lasts 6 months.

No installation

It does not connect to the electrical installation of the machine.


Cannot be located with frequency trackers.

Total Location

Differents location systems to ensure the recovery.


Our staff recover your machine

Demonstrated effectiveness

Years of fight against theft support us

Rest easy

Your machines are located and if they are stolen, we take care of everything.

Hundreds of successful recoveries

We have recovered stolen machinery valued more than € 1,200,000 in the last two years. Machinery organizations and associations support us. We are official suppliers of ASEAMAC and UNEXMA

We recover your machine in 4 steps

Experts in recovery stolen objects

We receive notice of the missing machine

We activate the device to locate the stolen machine

We coordinate the rescue with the Police

We deliver the machine in your facilities

Application installed on your mobile, it is easy to use.

Helpdesk forever

Accounts with free personalized technical assistance for life


You can control your machines from several devices

Contact us

Experts in recovery stolen objects


+34 91 02 28 116+34 635 030 342


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